Document Management Systems for Small Law Firms

In the case management of digital documents, a DMS (Document Management System) is a program that is applied to store, manage, and track documents, determined by computer system applications. Document Management Systems, that is situated at 2414 SW Andover St #E140, Seattle, WA, 98106, and may be contacted by phone at (206) 686-2810, is aware that the majority possess the potential to keep a record of the different versions created and modified by different users in order to keep a history tracking.

In order to manage their paper based documents, a lot of vendors started the improvement of application systems during the 1980’s. These systems were meant for paper documents that included prints, photos, as well as published and printed documents.

These systems have supplied the capability for companies to save copies of the documents as images, to capture forms and faxes, and to store the image files in the repository for fast retrieval and security.

There are actually some other businesses maintain documentation applying shared network drives, which include SharePoint. There are also various companies that handle documents in paper environments. Documents are hard to centrally  track, control, and handle in either of those instances. Our document management system will effortlessly organize your documents for you.

We offer a total audit trail, which makes for easy access to all document revision history. To be able to make document referencing simple, we offer hyperlinks from one document to any section of another document. You will be able to edit and see your documents and take full control over them. With our document management method, managing documents will turn out to be easy.