Exercises for Women at Home

The greatest impediment that usually inhibits women from fully committing to a resistance training schedule is the general belief that you have to be at the gym to get a good workout.  There are actually many factors why females do not much like going to the gym.   Some just don’t have enough time since they’re working a steady job and attending to their kids (frequently their husband, too).  Other people are just not comfortable doing weight training at the gym since they have to train around huge men who get in the way and cause them to feel weak for making use of such tiny dumbbells.  Well, we want to give you a hand.  We are going to teach you how you can get a full workout without needing to go to a gym.  Instead, it is possible to complete these workouts for women at home.

Body Weight Circuit Routine

We talk a great deal about body weight circuits inside our posts, but which is simply due to the fact we believe in them.  We have seen for ourselves the effect that body weight circuits can lead to on your weight loss and muscle toning goals.  We also enjoy them simply because you do not need to leave the house and you are able to finish a tough full body training session in under twenty minutes.  They help save a lot of time, but they are also extremely effective.  Isn’t that what everyone desires?

If you think body weight circuits will be the solution for you then  we’ve got a complete 4-week program for you entirely free of charge.  Simply follow this link: Workout routines for Women .  It provides a full 4-week program for all fitness levels making use of nothing but your body weight.  It uses pictures to show you exercises you’ve most likely never heard about (like the ‘Bird Dog’) plus it even provides you with some useful diet suggestions.  Craig Ballantyne has a lot more body weight circuits plus some excellent fat reduction suggestions.  

Ab Exercises at Home:

We know a good deal of females want to have a flat belly and sexy abs, but be careful with what you spend your cash on.  The fact is, the biggest reason most people don’t have six pack abs is due to their diet.  Most ladies will have to get below 20% body fat before toned abs will appear.  Before focusing way too much on your ab muscles we highly suggest attempting to minimize your body fat.  One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by using the Turbulence Training program we named above.  

That being said, working on your abs muscles now can definitely tighten your stomach as soon as you’ve obtained your targeted body fat percentage.  The two exercises that we recommend are planks and lying leg raises. 

 Lying Leg Lifts:

Lying leg raises are precisely the things they claim to be.  Lay on your back putting your arms to your side.  Slowly in a controlled motion lift up your legs until they’re at a ninety degree angle with your upper body.  Then slowly lower your legs, once more in a controlled movement.  Just before your feet touch the floor begin to lift your legs once more for the following repetition.  Start with 5 sets of 10 repetitions.  As time passes, progress to five sets of 20 reps.  

Implementing Planks for Abs:

Planks are a fantastic way to work your abs due to the fact they don’t put strain on your lower back like crunches and they use your abs in the way they are meant to be utilized, for stabilizing your core.  Plank position is essentially a pushup where you hold yourself up with your forearms and elbows as opposed to the hands.  Plank is a stance you just hold for the specific period of time.  The longer you hold the posture the harder your abdominal muscles need to work to secure your mid-section.  Start by attempting to do 3 sets for a minute.  The third set is going to be much more difficult than the first set.  Gradually you’ll work your way to 3 sets of two minutes each.  

A lot of what we talk about in the abdominal muscles training routine for females was explained to us by Rusty Moore.  Rusty has a program designed specifically for ladies that supplies a comprehensive workout routine, a 12 week cardio workout course, and he also shows you everything you need to know about how you can tone muscle where you would like to as well as decrease muscle mass in places that you believe are just too big.  The best thing is that he also teaches you ways to tweak his program so that you are able to do everything at home.