The right way to Do a One Arm Push-up

Proper One Hand Push-up Technique

Knowing the correct technique that needs to be utilized for a one hand push-up will allow you to appreciate the proper way to cultivate the power vital to perform single arm pushups.  I am going to start by describing one arm pushup technique.  Then I will give you a conditioning plan that will permit you to slowly build the strength required to perfect the exercise.  

The secrets to mastering the one arm push-up is to understand the points of tension in your body while you complete the exercise and sustaining balance throughout.  

When most people carry out one arm push-ups they set their legs wider than shoulder length.  This makes it much simpler to maintain balance when you complete the move; however, to be true to form you would keep your legs a little closer and keep your shoulders and hips square with the floor.  The non-pressing hand should be held near to the body with your hand behind your back or on your hamstring.  This will also help you manage your center of gravity.  

With this technique the tension in your body goes from your pressing hand through your body to the opposite foot.  For instance, if you are pressing with your right arm then the tension goes from the right hand through your body to your left foot.  You will notice when you work toward your first one arm push up that when pressing using your right hand, your right foot will have less weight on it than your left foot.

To obtain the full range of motion with this physical exercise you need to lower your pressing shoulder until it virtually touches the floor.  You may have to turn you head from your pressing arm or appear as much as get your shoulder that close to the floor .

As with all pushup variations, you need to keep your body tight with your shoulders, hips, and feet really should be on exactly the same plane.  In other words, do not let your hips sag or stick your butt in the air. 

Developing Strength for a One Arm Pushup

Developing the strength required to accomplish your first full range 1 arm push-up will require a bit of time, but it is an attainable goal and by following this program you’ll see improvement fairly swiftly which will support keep you inspired to achieve success.

The progression I am about to show you comes from an excellent book called Convict Conditioning. This book, authored by Paul Wade, is a superb book that describes the best way to create functional strength and tremendous power making use of absolutely nothing but your body weight.  You may have guessed that this book was written whilst Paul was serving time and it really is based on his experience not only in acquiring his own strength but also while instruction other prisoners.  This book is an intriguing read and Wade supplies a unique and refreshing perspective on what it means to truly be strong and powerful.  I highly suggest looking into this book.  

The 1 arm pushup progression

Be aware that the book explains 10 actions for achieving mastery of the 1 hand push-up.  I’m only talking about the last six actions of the progression for one hand push ups.

The first objective is to be able to do 2 sets of 20 normal pushups.  When you are able to do this, you want to start practicing diamond pushups where your index and thumb are touching as you total the exercise.  When you can do two sets of 20 diamond pushups, move on to uneven pushups where one arm is elevated forcing you to put a lot more weight on the fully outstretched arm.  Following this you are able to move to half one arm push-ups which means lowering yourself only halfway down before pressing up.  Following performing two sets of 20 of these for every arm then you are able to move to full one arm pushups.